About Us

Who We Are

RIGHTCARE Pediatrics is a dedicated coalition, including mothers, researchers, clinicians, healthcare facilities, doctors, health insurers, faith communities, and durable medical equipment providers. United in purpose, we are committed to enhancing the success and quality of life for families and children facing complex medical challenges.

We are grateful for the support of hundreds of dynamic and compassionate organizations and individuals who contribute to RIGHTCARE Pediatric’s mission. Join us as we actively expand services and provide meaningful support to meet the needs of the family’s we serve.

What We Do

We help families to address the needs of their medically complex children in ways that no one else can.

We lead applied research around the U.S. focused on the needs of medically complex children and their families.

We support health care plans and providers with leading community based training, tools, and care programming.

We train healthcare and other organizations around the country in advanced best practices and programming for medically complex children.

We personally work in our local communities every day achieving better outcomes for our children and their families.

We fulfill our mission by offering advanced training, resources, and tools, building community collaboration, and spearheading transformative research.

  • Our primary goal is to help families of medically complex children successfully navigate the significant challenges they face.

  • We collaborate closely with PDN companies by providing resources, tools, training, and community based programming that drive the six key outcomes necessary for a medically complex child’s success.

  • With over two decades of experience in addressing major challenges in the industry, RIGHTCARE Pediatrics stands firmly on a foundation of applied research. Our extensive resources, tools, and collaborations benefit a wide range of entities, including pediatric clinics, hospitals, private duty nursing providers, health plans, physicians, and DME providers. Our offerings are tailored to meet the needs of any organization committed to enhancing the well-being and success of families with medically complex children.

  • Organizations interested in collaboration can contact us through our website or directly reach out to our partnership coordinator. We welcome inquiries and are open to exploring partnerships that drive our mission.

  • Success is measured through achievement of success in the six key outcome metrics necessary for the family and child to be successful. Additionally, feedback from families, community organizations, partner organizations, and the public helps evaluate the effectiveness of our initiatives.