What I Saw

In this relentless cycle of caregiving, she grappled with an array of emotions. Guilt was a constant companion – guilt for feeling overwhelmed, for wishing things were different, and for not being the 'perfect' mother she had hoped to be.

I’m so thankful

One day, watching Abby play, I realized something. I said to Michael, “This is changing us, isn't it? She is making us be strong, to never lose hope." I remember he took my hand and said with his warm smile, "She's a fighter, just like her mom."

What the journey is like...

My name is Tiffany and at the age of 30, I was catapulted into the world of being a mother to a medically complex child following the birth of my 4th child, AJ. During our anatomy scan at 19 weeks, we discovered AJ would be born with a complex heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. We were devastated and in total disbelief as we had 3 other healthy children, how could this happen to us? What did I do wrong?

My little brother

As they watched the sunset, her mother said, "We love you so much, Lily. Sometimes we might be busy with Maddox, but you are just as important to us." Tears of happiness filled Lily's eyes. She realized her parents did see her; they were just doing their best in a hard situation.

My sister

As I looked back on those days, I realized that the experience of my nephew's illness and passing had changed us all. In caring for him, my sister had shown us what it means to love unconditionally, to find strength in vulnerability, and to face the inevitability of loss with grace and courage.

  • "They are a vital partner in our work, offering support and resources that truly help us change the lives of these children and their families."

    "This nonprofit proves that the smallest hands can hold the greatest courage. Their dedication to medically complex children isn't just care, it's a celebration of live's preciousness."

    - Dominique Cox 
    Mother of Phoenix Cox

  • "This organization fills a vital gap in our healthcare system, providing essential resources and advocacy that hospitals and clinics alone can't offer."

    - Traci Gonzales 
    Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Texas Children's Hospital

  • "The educational workshops for families are amazing. They've empowered us to better understand and care for our child's complex condition."

    - Dr. Sandra McKay

  • "They are a vital partner in our work, offering support and resources that truly change the lives of these children and their families."

    - Amy Brock 
    Respiratory Therapist