Key Benchmarks

RIGHTCARE brings industry best analytic tools for measuring real time outcomes that determine a mother and child’s success. These benchmarks inform care planning and accountability for the entire team.

A critical challenge faced by the team is the inadequacy of current assessment tools to capture the outcomes that determine the success or failure of the child and mother. This in turn leads to under developed care plans and clinical insufficiencies that are driving failure and readmissions.  RIGHTCARE introduces groundbreaking advancements by offering real-time risk measurements and providing resources to reduce gaps in care to achieve sustained success—an unprecedented benefit for mothers, children, providers, and payor sources.

Community Programming

We provide meticulously researched tools and proven resources to equip and empower families to conquer the incredible challenges they face. These resources proactively address a spectrum of challenges associated with aging. These challenges encompass thoroughly researched critical outcomes necessary for aging successfully.

To effectively synthesize education, research, and skills into tangible success, a well-rounded set of resources is essential. These include comprehensive online learning platforms offering courses tailored to develop key abilities, disciplines, and advocacies needed by families.
Peer to peer (mother to mother) education and insights enabling both confidence and a deeper grasp of key behaviors necessary for success.
Collaborative weekly learning platforms to enhance engagement and behaviors crucial for successfully navigating the stressors and lifestyle of caring for a medically complex child.
Tools for bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and the practical application of executing state of the art care plans.
Together, these resources empower families and care teams to turn insightful education and research into actionable and successful outcomes.


Imagine a user-friendly electronic library tailored for families—the RIGHTCARE Pediatrics Community Library. This innovative resource is designed to enhance families' understanding of their unique challenges and the available solutions. It provides a wealth of accessible content, including straightforward solutions, motivational case studies, and engaging podcasts that foster a sense of community and shared experiences. Additionally, it offers detailed guidance on how to utilize RIGHTCARE's community resources effectively. This cutting-edge library equips families and their healthcare teams with the tools needed to take proactive steps towards achieving success.

Care Teams

The RightCare Pediatrics Program provides certification in advanced assessment and care planning in the six key outcomes necessary for a child and families success. Organizations certified demonstrate significantly greater effectiveness in achieving key benchmarks compared to non-certified entities. This certification transforms the entire team into a proactive solution for increasing success for these children and parents.

Training And Support

We give personalized, one-on-one interactive coaching and support for our curriculum to each entity involved in our certification process. The trainings are aimed at addressing child and system-specific challenges. Additionally, in our activity communities we conduct both small and large group workshops with teams from across the local community.

Each training is designed to inspire and equip your community teams to work together and celebrate success.


Rightcare provides comprehensive certification programs that involve extensive training in advanced care models for community partners. This robust initiative is meticulously designed to guarantee that professionals and system partners not only acquire but also master the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver a superior care plan to these children and families. Our advanced care models encompass an array of approaches, innovative healthcare practices, the integration of key technologies, and the implementation of evidence-based strategies—all tailored to specifically address the unique and evolving needs of the child and family.

Through the certification programming, participants gain a thorough understanding of the latest advancements in care, ensuring a heightened level of expertise and competence in their roles.